NGO “Ishtirok”

The mission of the organization

Mission NGO “Ishtirok” is to increase activity, protection of rights and interests of girls, women and children with disabilities in the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as changing attitudes towards disability.

The objectives of the organization

External goal:

GS LIE “Ishtirok” helping to improve the lives of women and children with disabilities in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan:

Prevents children in special institutions;
Social rehabilitation of children;
Advice to parents;
Education of parents;
Working with families of children and the community;
Work with kindergartens, schools and specialized agencies;
Involvement of volunteers;
Cooperation with the city health department, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor.
It increases the activity of girls and women with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities;
Seminars and workshops for parents of children with disabilities, women and girls with disabilities: law, to change attitudes to disability;
Semi-professional courses for parents, as well as women and girls with disabilities;
Creating self-help groups for women and girls with disabilities.
Assists in creating a barrier-free environment for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the full life of the community.
Meetings, seminars and tables with relevant departments;
Work with schools, kindergartens and community;
Holding shares;
Cooperation with NGOs of persons with disabilities and other organizations and state agencies.

Direct beneficiaries:

Women and girls with physical disabilities;
Children 0-6 with a disability;
Parents of children with disabilities;
Medical workers;
Organizations working in the field of the problems associated with disabilities.