Association of women with disability “Shyrak”

About the organization


“Shyrak” The Association was founded in 2001 on the initiative of 10 women with disorders of the musculoskeletal functions. On today is National Association membership (8 branches in the Republic of Kazakhstan), is the coordinator of the International Network of Expertise leaders and organizations of women with disabilities in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

The objectives of the organization are: activation of women with disabilities by informing them, training and integration, consolidation disabled women organizations of power in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, promoting the interests of women with disabilities in all advisory bodies, the protection of the rights of women with disabilities, the development of political leadership, increase in active life position, overcoming stereotypes to the issue of disability in the society, the development of gender equality, the work of news on reproductive rights of women with disabilities, diversity and equality, cooperation and development.

The organization has extensive experience in the implementation of programs, at both the local and international level.
Over 15 years of the NGO “Shyrak” has implemented more than 25 projects. As part of these projects have been carried out more than 15 round more than 20 press conferences, more than 100 training sessions, which were actively involved women with disabilities and leaders of organizations of women with disabilities in Central Asia, representatives of ministries, parliament, local government offices, maslikhats, NGOs, the media just over 5,000 people. All the projects are consistent with the organization’s mission.
The organization’s mission:

Protecting the rights and interests of women with disabilities, to promote the creation of a society of equal opportunities

Organization Aims:

Increased activity of women with disabilities
Changing society’s attitudes towards women’s disability
Impact on state policy in the field of gender and disability
The values of the organization:

Diversity and equality;
Openness and transparency;
Sustainability and the desire for development;
Dignity and justice;
Co-operation and Development;
Participation and teamwork
Organization’s activities:

training seminars and workshops;
conducting advocacy campaigns, including information campaigns, round tables and seminars;
creation of information, legal and psychological support services;
surveys and studies;
writing manuals;
the organization of leisure and communication for its members and others.
Target group:

girls and women with disabilities, and members of their families. Members of the women’s organizations network with Disabilities in 8 regions of Kazakhstan. Members of the Central Asian Network of Organizations of Women with Disabilities (Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan).

Joining the organization:

Members of the Society can be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign citizens who have attained 18 years of age and older, share the statutory objectives of the Company. Membership in the organization is voluntary and is expressed through participation in the activities of the Company. Admission to the members of the Company on the basis of a written application to the Company’s Board.