About the organization

Public Association Union of Persons with Disabilities of Issyk Kul oblast “Equality”, Karakol, Kyrgyz Republic, the year of foundation 04.07.2014

SIIO NGO “Equality” – open to dialogue and partnership organization, receiving new and progressive ideas and implement them in practice.
For 12 years Ohh “Equality” has implemented more than 25 projects. As part of these projects have been carried out more than 15 round more than 20 press conferences, more than 100 training sessions, which were actively involved women with disabilities and leaders of organizations of women with disabilities in Central Asia, representatives of ministries, parliament, local government offices, NGOs, the media, all more than 5,000 people. All the projects are consistent with the organization’s mission.

The organization’s mission:
Improving life LOVZ, protection of their rights and implementation of the ideas of the philosophy of independent living and social approach to disability in society
The objectives of the organization: Increased activity of people with disabilities Changing attitudes to disability and disability in women’s influence on the state policy in the field of gender and disability
The values of the organization: Diversity and Equality

Activity of the organization: 5 areas: 1. Partnership program with Abilis Foundation, Finland (working with organizations LOVZ and parents of children with OM in Raman reception and evaluation of their project applications (Ad Hoc Committee), rekonmendatsii Abilis Foundation in the financing of projects, the evaluation reports. and monitoring of projects) protection and monitoring rights LOVZ Day center for children with disabilities (2 center a center for adolescents with RH and one for the Centre for early intervention and rehabilitation for children from one year to 12 years) __ (1st center for children 14 – ’21 training and social adapatatsiya, life skills 2nd center Centre for early intervention and rehabilitation of disabled children from 1 pa to 12 years, this day center, where services will be provided rehabilitation and correction of children with OM, work with parents. , psychological support and employment at the Centre.) _ social enterprise social taxi program works with women with disabilities (coordinator for project support CA women with disabilities, capacity building and instill confidence behavior skills)

Target group:

Men and women with disabilities and their families. Members of the women’s organizations network with disabilities in 7 regions of the Kyrgyz Republic. Members of the Central Asian Network of Organizations of Women with Disabilities (the Republic of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan).

Joining the organization:
Members of the Society can be citizens and foreign citizens who have attained 18 years of age and older, share the statutory objectives of the Company. Membership in the organization is voluntary and is expressed through participation in the activities of the Company. Membership in the Society is carried out on the basis of a written application to the Board of the Organization.